About Us

The education of our children is important to each of us and our communities. It’s truly a shame that so many schools and education programs suffer from a lack of funds, which makes the learning process more difficult for students and teachers.

We created Class Bake Sale as a simple way for anyone to organize and run a successful fundraising campaign. It’s an easy process, and it takes the pressure off teachers and principals, even students and parents. Instead of sending students out to sell products or teachers digging into their own pockets for classroom supplies, Class Bake Sale provides a place for people to offer financial support quickly and securely. You set your own goal and deadline, and track your results along the way. We collect the money for you via the proven PayPal system, account for it and send it directly to you at the end of your campaign. Our fee is just 5%, which we use to underwrite and maintain this program.

Class Bake Sale is the ideal way to support virtually any school activity. If you need to raise money, this is the best way to do it. And we’re always ready to provide support.

Thanks for letting us help, and good luck with your campaign.